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  • Region: Gauteng - Pretoria
  • Published: 14/01/2020
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Free Kittens are not really free - not if you care enough to adopt responsibly.

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R 900 For Sale
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R900!!?? Why should I pay R900 when I can get a kitten for free on Facebook!!??
Good question!
R900 covers:
Sterilisation, Inoculations at 8 and 12 weeks, deworming and microchip (you will probably pay more that double for all that at most vets. Our network of vets recognise and value the work we do in rescuing homeless cats and kittens and they offer their services to us pro-bono - and we graciously pass that saving on to you - our valued adopters!)

You also get these priceless benefits over and above the veterinary saving already mentioned:
The satisfaction of contributing to the solution and not the problem of homeless animals (supporting backyard breeders who give their kittens away for free because they were not responsible enough to sterilise their pets is contributing to the problem!)
The joy of bonding with a confident kitten who has been raised in a loving foster home and not a breeders cage.
A secure kitten who has had all the developmental benefits of socialising with their siblings (wherever possible) until the recommended separation age of 12 weeks.
If your kitten has been ill as a youngster, our vets gladly treat them and CatzRus carries that additional cost. Backyard breeders can seldom afford the medical care that we are able to give to our kittens over and above the veterinary treatments mentioned above.
We feed our kittens the best veterinary diets because we are passionate about giving them the best start in life - especially those who have come from unknown or disadvantaged backgrounds.
Sterilisation improves the personality, health and reduces the wandering instinct in cats.
You know that your cat is not going to add to the heartache of so many unwanted animals out there.
A micro-chipped animal companion is more likely to be found and returned home. Microchips also prove ownership if your cat gets lost.
You also get the opportunity to come meet your potential life-time companion before committing to adoption!

What a bargain for just R900!!

  • Category: Pets - Adopt a Cat
  • Region: Gauteng - Pretoria
  • Published: 14/01/2020
  • Ad Type: Premium
  • Viewed:
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