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  • Region: Gauteng - Johannesburg
  • Published: 13/12/2018
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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter R1999 Office Unit

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Special Reverse Osmosis Water Filter R1,999/ Filter replacement service Office unit.

We do Filter Purification and Reverse Osmosis Systems, for Home, office, Farm, Plot, and Industrial use from 60 Liters per day out put to 5000 and 15000 Liter per day and more.
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Whole House Water Filtering Systems are modular systems that allow you to custom order a water
filter system for your water treatment requirements. This ensures removal of all contaminants
pollutants and turbidity found in your water so you have the best combination of water pressure and water quality.
Water filters cost less
than bottled water over a period of time. Having a water filter at
home gives you more clean water than having to bay everyday from a
We also have a Filter replacement service.

One of the most effective ways of water purification is by the reverse
osmosis method. It is commonly used in every day live through
industries and products. Reverse osmosis is the separation of
particles and impurities from water. This will return water to its
most purest state and make it free of particles. Reverse osmosis was
mainly designed for industrial use. When people got sick from
chemicals only found in there water they made a smaller purifier for
home use. These purification systems evolved into the 5 stage reverse
osmosis purifier we use. Water that passed through stones and rocks
pick up minerals that is essential for human growth and other bodily
parts. That is way the 6 and 7 stage reverse osmosis purifier put
those minerals into water to make sure only good minerals are in the
water. You will know how pure healthy water taste when you put it
trough a reverse osmosis purifying system.
Health and water filters.
If your concern about your health you should start by drinking fresh
healthy water. Drinking unsafe water is like smoking, you increase
your chances of getting cancer. People are made up of 80% water. This
is way you should drink between 4 and 8 glasses of water every day for
your body to stay hydrated.
This helps cool, flush and hydrate the
body. If this water isn't clean you put your liver and other organs
under pressure and so getting cancer and other diseases. This makes a
water purifier not a luxury but a necessity.
Water is life!
We Service and replace Filter cartridges for Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.

  • Category: Household
  • Region: Gauteng - Johannesburg
  • Published: 13/12/2018
  • Ad Type: Owner
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