• Category: Household
  • Region: Eastern Cape - Port Elizabeth
  • Published: 10/03/2017
  • Ad Type: Owner

Stefani Instant Water Heaters

R 520 For Sale
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Stefani Water Heaters
Hot Water on Demand
Saving you Water saving you Energy
Today on a global scale, energy saving is becoming a
necessity. Hot water is taken for granted. The amount of
energy acquired to heat water varies greatly.
Even a modern domestic hot water system is ineffective
if the hot water has to travel long distance. A large part
of the energy is then wasted in the form of dissipated
heat. This is especially the case if smaller amounts of
water are used frequently. Heating the water directly at
the point of use is simply more advantageous.
Our mini instant water heater is the most efficient way of
supplying hot water. The water is not pre-heated but
instantly heated as it flows through the unit. Therefore
no standby energy is used and the mini instant water
heater economizes 65% of the energy of a normal geyser.
As resources become scarcer, energy costs rise and consumer demands grow, we increasingly need
new answers and concepts compatible with ecological requirements. Unlike a central hot water
supply, the new electronic instantaneous water heater only heats the water when it is actually
needed, directly at the tap. This eliminated the loss of heat and energy due to prolonged storage,
long pipes and complex circulation.
That is why the cost of hot water from an instantaneous water heater is so much lower. And it saves
precious drinking water which otherwise, from a central system, would be flushed down the drain
unused. Over a ten metre length of piping, that saves 3.2 litres every time.

  • Category: Household
  • Region: Eastern Cape - Port Elizabeth
  • Published: 10/03/2017
  • Ad Type: Owner
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