It’s Nutrition Month and time to give your health a boost by investing in kitchen appliances that will promote healthy living. Along with that, you can also try out new healthy meals once or twice a week to keep things interesting. Visit Junk Mail to find a wide range of healthy kitchen appliances for sale.

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What is the purpose of Nutrition Month?

Nutrition Month aims to promote healthy eating and lifestyle choices. During this month, people are encouraged to eat healthy food and to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. Nutrition Month dates back to 1973 where it took place over 7 days and it was extended to a month in 1980. During this month, information on good nutrition is shared with the public.

Healthy Kitchen Appliances

Electric Air Fryer

When it comes to healthy kitchen appliances, an electric air fryer is a worthwhile investment. This appliance cooks the food by circulating hot air inside a cooking chamber. The result is delicious food with a crispy outer layer. Use your air fryer to make potatoes and pastries. It can also be used to cook steak, chicken, and vegetables. The advantages of using an electric air fryer are that it’s a healthier option, it cooks food faster than a deep fryer, and it is more energy-efficient.

Pressure Cooker/Slow cooker

This kitchen appliance uses steam pressure to cook food in a sealed pot. The high pressure that builds up inside the pot ensures that the food cooks faster. You can cook almost anything in a pressure cooker, including rice, chickpeas, beans, vegetables, stews, and braised meat. These appliances save you time and money and make it easy to eat healthy food. Pressure cookers produce rich flavours and they’re simple and convenient to use.

Indoor Grill

Grilling uses dry heat to cook food and the heat is transferred through thermal radiation.

Indoor grilles can be used to cook both meat and vegetables. Investing in an indoor grill is advantageous because it’s quick and simple to use. This versatile cooking method offers you precise heat control. The compact size of this appliance also means that it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Fruits, Nutrition Month, healthy lifestyle, vegetables, Junk Mail Photo by Emerson Vieira on Unsplash

Food Processor

A food processor makes light work of meal preparation. It’s powered by an electric motor and is used to complete repetitive tasks such as chopping and slicing. These kitchen appliances are similar to blenders, however, they don’t need liquid to get the job done. A food processor saves you time in the kitchen and makes it easier to prepare family meals. If you’re trying to improve your nutrition, these kitchen appliances will help you prepare healthy food effortlessly.


When it comes to healthy kitchen appliances, a juicer is a must-have addition to your kitchen. This appliance makes it possible to make fresh juice that has numerous health benefits. Healthy juices give your immune system a boost and help to prevent disease. A wide range of vegetables and fruit can be transformed into juice, which means that you’ll get plenty of variety in your daily nutritional intake.

Food steamer

This kitchen appliance cooks food using steam, which makes it perfect for preparing healthy meals. The food is placed in a closed container, which decreases the amount of steam that escapes. It helps to preserve the nutritional value of food by decreasing the amount of nutrients that are lost during cooking. It cooks food quickly and requires minimal supervision. No oil is needed to steam food and this method of cooking preserves the structure and colour of food.

Fun Food Facts

  • Banana plants are giant herbs and the banana fruit is actually a berry
  • Parsley helps with digestion and it’s a good breath freshener
  • Strawberries have a higher concentration of vitamin C than oranges
  • Avocados contain more potassium than bananas

Invest in healthy kitchen appliances and get involved in Nutrition Month. Proper nutrition contributes to your physical and emotional well-being. Find appliances for sale on Junk Mail and upgrade your kitchen today.

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