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Are you wondering if it’s time to replace your car’s clutch? From grinding noises to difficulties getting into gear, there are plenty of signs that your clutch needs some extra attention. You can find clutches for sale, as well as automotive service providers, on Junk Mail. Car's clutch, clutch, car spares and parts, car parts, car spares, Junk Mail Image credit: Uwe Hoh from Pixabay

What is a clutch and how does it work?

A clutch is a mechanical device that plays an important role in the operation of your car. The clutch functions to engage and disengage two rotating shafts. One of the shafts is connected to the engine and the other shaft is responsible for the power output.

The main parts of the clutch include the following:

  • Cover plate
  • Pressure plate
  • Driven plate
  • Release bearing

If you live in the city where you’re faced with traffic on a regular basis, it’s likely that your car’s clutch will wear down quicker. Frequent stopping and starting can have a negative impact on the lifespan of your clutch. Pulling heavy loads is also likely to wear your car’s clutch down.

5 signs that you need to replace your car’s clutch

Clutch slippage

If the engine races but your vehicle is slow to take off, it’s an indication of a worn-out clutch. It’s likely that the friction material has worn away so that it’s difficult for the power to be transferred to the transmission. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the disc to get your vehicle back into shape. However, there are other culprits of clutch slippage, which include problems with the clutch linkage as well as a damaged pressure plate. A damaged motor mount can also be the cause of this problem.

Getting into gear is difficult

Changing gears can be problematic if your clutch isn’t in good condition, but issues with changing gears could also be due to problems with the linkage adjustment, a damaged clutch plate or a damaged cylinder fork.

Soft clutch

If your clutch feels spongy, it’s advisable to have it checked out as soon as possible. Another telltale sign of a clutch problem is if your car’s clutch shudders. This issue is particularly noticeable when you’re travelling at low speeds. A shuddering clutch can mean that there are impurities interfering with the clutch plate or that the clutch plate needs to be replaced.

Grinding sounds

If you notice grinding sounds when you push down the clutch, it could be a sign that the clutch is worn. Faulty bearings could also be the culprit. It’s important to deal with this problem as soon as possible because bearings are cheap to replace but if you continue to drive with damaged bearings it can lead to more expensive problems later.

Car's clutch, clutch, car spares and parts, car parts, car spares, Junk Mail Image credit: Foundry Co from Pixabay

How to make your car’s clutch last longer

Save time and money by taking good care of your clutch. Clutches are a sensitive and vital part of your vehicle, so it’s essential to know how to extend their lifespan.

  • Don’t apply pressure to the clutch while you’re driving unless you’re changing gears. Even resting your foot on the clutch can create pressure that speeds up the wear and tear of your clutch.
  • Reduce the speed of your vehicle slowly and steadily before you come to a robot or stop sign. Likewise, take off slowly and steadily rather than pretending you’re on a racetrack.
  • Make use of your parking brake when you’re taking off on an incline so that you can avoid putting strain on your clutch.
  • Don’t engage your clutch to assist with braking.

Now that you know how to maintain your car’s clutch properly, you can keep your car in good shape. Find clutches for sale on Junk Mail and enjoy great savings.

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