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Are you looking to buy or sell antiques and collectables? As one of the biggest online marketplaces, Junk Mail has an Antiques and Collectables category that has thousands of listings. Over the years, we have assisted many South African buyers and sellers who have turned to our online marketplace to advertise their antiques and collectables.

Buy or sell Antiques and Collectables with Junk Mail

Why should I advertise my Antiques and Collectables on Junk Mail?

As the only truly South African online marketplace, we are committed to creating a safe place for South Africans to trade. Our platform is FREE to use and provides our users and advertisers access to a wide online audience. With over three million visitors a month, we give buyers and sellers access to one another.

Our Antiques and Collectables category overview

You will find our Antiques and Collectables category by clicking on the categories drop-down menu from our homepage and selecting search. From here you are navigated to a world of antiques and collectables. Like a trove of hidden gems, there is always something interesting to find. Our Antiques and Collectables category is one of our most popular and is a great place to shop if you are looking to find anything that has stood the test of time, has a story to tell, or might even be a distant memory to some.

Our users will find the following sub-categories listed:

How to search for Antiques and Collectables on Junk Mail

How to search for Antiques and Collectables on Junk Mail

Once a user has selected the relevant category, a drop-down of sub-categories will be displayed. By selecting the relevant sub-category, the user will then be taken to the adverts that are most relevant to their selection.

Now users can browse the hundreds of advert listings of antiques and collectables that we have in our marketplace.

Users may then open an advert listing by clicking on the advert. This will then open the advert page where the user is presented with all the visuals and relevant information about the antique or collectable being sold.

They will also get the following additional information:

  • Region
  • Intention
  • Price

How to contact the seller of an Antique or Collectable item

Buyers can use the following contact methods to get in touch with the sellers of antique or collectable items:

  • Calling
  • Filling in the contact form (This sends the seller an email)
  • WhatsApp (Only available on adverts where the sellers have activated it)

How to sell your Antiques or Collectables with Junk Mail

Placing an advert to sell your antiques or collectables on Junk Mail is very simple. Select the Place A FREE Ad button on our navigation bar. Complete all the relevant fields within the advert form. Follow the instructions to upload images, set your pricing, and provide a detailed description of the item you are selling. Submit your advert. It's that easy!

Buy or sell your next antique or collectable with Junk Mail, the only truly South African online marketplace!


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