Are you looking to buy a fish tank? Make sure you buy the right tank so that you can keep your fish safe and happy. Fish are intelligent and social creatures and it’s important to ensure you can take care of them properly before you take on the responsibility of owning fish. You’ll need to keep their tank clean and feed them regularly. Larger tanks are better, and you’ll need to create interesting spaces in the tank for your fish to explore and hide in. Proper knowledge of how to take care of fish is required to avoid the heartache of dead fish and to save you from wasting your money. You can visit Junk Mail to find a wide variety of fish tanks for sale.

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Fish Facts:

- Fish are intelligent

Fish are smarter than we think! Research shows that they can recognise each other and that they remember previous social interactions with other fish. They’re curious and sensitive creatures who show affection by rubbing against one another.

- Fish feel pain

Fish have similar nervous systems to mammals, and they feel pain like all animals do. Their breathing rate accelerates and their muscles contract in response to pain. Other evidence that fish feel pain just like us is that they try and escape from painful experiences.

- Fish are social

Fish can communicate with each another by using low-frequency sounds we can’t hear. They use these sounds to warn one another of danger and during courtship. Fish have complicated social systems, which includes helping each other out, working together, and displaying reciprocity.

How to choose a fish tank

With so many fish tanks out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Don’t despair, we are here to help! When you’re choosing a fish tank, consider the following:

1. Tank size – bigger is better

A bigger fish tank is better as it promotes healthier and happier fish. It’s also easier to clean. Fish produce waste, which breaks down and becomes toxic. These chemicals build up more quickly in smaller fish tanks, which means that you’ll need to change the water more frequently. Regardless of the size of your fish tank, you’ll need to carry out accurate and consistent maintenance. You should also consider the types and sizes of fish you would like to put in the tank when making your decision.

Fish tank, Aquarium, Fish, Pets, Junk Mail, Photo by Penfer on Unsplash.jpg Photo credit: Penfer on Unsplash

2. Budget

You’ll need to consider what you can afford before buying a tank. While finding a big fish tank for sale may cost you more at first, it will save you money in the long run. Smaller tanks can have a negative impact on the health of your fish, which incurs additional expenses as well as causing your fish discomfort.

3. Type of fish

Do your research before you decide on which fish tank to buy. The fish you buy are likely to grow bigger, so you’ll need to consider their adult size when you’re choosing the tank. If you buy a small tank, you’ll be wasting money as you’ll just need to buy a new one when your fish grow to adult size. The temperament of the fish also needs to be taken into consideration as territorial fish will need more room than their friendlier counterparts.

4. Size of the tank’s opening

Fish need oxygen to survive, just like us. If there are too many fish and too little oxygen in your tank, your fish will die. Oxygen reaches the tank through the surface of the water so the larger the water surface, the more oxygen reaches the fish.

5. Weight

Consider the weight of the fish tank once it’s filled with water and all the other necessary equipment. Heavier fish tanks will need to be placed on a stand or a very sturdy surface. The fish tank should be positioned out of direct sunlight and away from draughts.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to buy plants and natural rocks so that you can create areas for your fish to hide and play in. You can also add ceramics but make sure that they’re made for fish tanks so that they don’t add toxic substances to the water. Clean and disinfect the objects with the right fish-friendly products before adding them.

Buying fish requires proper research and knowledge and getting a fish tank is only the first step towards caring for your fish properly. Looking for the perfect home for your fish? Find a wide range of fish tanks for sale on Junk Mail.

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