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  • Category: Bike Spares and Parts - Bikes for Stripping - Yamaha
  • Make: Yamaha
  • Condition: Used
  • Region: Gauteng - Benoni
  • Published: 21/06/2022
  • Ad Type: Owner

1999 Yamaha WR400 / WR426 stripping for spares

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R 199 For Sale

I have a 2002 Yamaha WR426 that I am stripping for spares. It was a running bike that scuffed the piston against the barrel so both are scrap. I've listed all the main parts below, but if you need something specific give me a whatsapp/call : Dean oh82--388--0459. I've put some pictures up, but I can send you a picture of any particular item. PARTS ARE still available - I will remove from the ad when sold.

Many of engine spares will be specific to the WR426, but almost everything else on the bike will be common with the WR400, and many items will be the same as the first of the steel-framed WR450's ...
1 First generation: WR400F - 1998-2000
2 Second generation: WR426F - 2001-2002
3 Third generation: Yamaha WR450F - 2003-2006

=== I STILL HAVE ===
LHS engine casing & timing cover
RHS engine inner casing damaged, but RHS outer engine casing and clutch cover are fine.
Flywheel / Rotor R750 (stator sold)
primary drive gear & balancer gear R200ea
kickstarter gear assembly and idler gear R900
Rotor cover AKA Timing cover R550
valve cover R450
clutch plates 9 steel plates and 8 organic plates R850
clutch basket, springs, inner, etc
Lower casing, crank, waterpump, oilpump, etc
case savers
Full Procircuit T4 Exhaust system with header R1750
Frame protector - alu - front R300
Frame protectors - plastic - sides R200ea
odo R300, odo cable R200
coil R600
clutch lever R150, clutch perch & adjuster nut R150, clutch cable R150
wiring harness, kill switch
rear brake pedal R300 and pivot bolt R200
Rear brake master, slave
footpegs R150ea
chain rollers, Chain guide
RHS radiator a bit bent but still holds water R250
LHS radiator R800ea
LHS radiator aftermarket heavy duty radiator R1000
LHS & RHS airflow guide vanes/fins R150ea.
Rear fender R600
Side plastics under seat R350ea
Radiator shrouds / plastics R400ea
Taillight R150
Rear shock R1200
Rear wheel, has a few dings but still strong R1200
Rear wheel axle R150 , axle adjuster blocks R75ea
Swingarm & linkage
Seat, perfect condition R750

SOLD handlebar and all the controls incl throttle, clutch lever, decomp lever
SOLD front forks & triple clamps
SOLD front wheel, front fender
SOLD front brakes - everything
SOLD fuel tank
SOLD airbox
SOLD Kickstart lever
SOLD Stator
SOLD piston, barrel, conrod
SOLD Sidestand & spring
SOLD complete head
SOLD front sprocket cover, nut and lock washer
SOLD timing chain & tensioner
SOLD frame
SOLD whole gearbox - the selector drum, selector forks, and both shafts with their gears
SOLD Rear brake reservoir
SOLD numberboard / Faceplate/
SOLD headlight
SOLD gear lever
SOLD Overflow tank

  • Category: Bike Spares and Parts - Bikes for Stripping - Yamaha
  • Make: Yamaha
  • Condition: Used
  • Region: Gauteng - Benoni
  • Published: 21/06/2022
  • Ad Type: Owner

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