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  • JUST DRIVE a NEW car FROM R 599/699/799/899/999/1
  • R 599
  • 24 Jun 2014
  • Johannesburg
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I'm Vladimir who happened to buy a CAR from BLUELAKES , DRIVE CAR SALES a GROUP of COMPANIES, that sells affordable vehicles and I’m involved in this AFFORDABLE car DEAL.
I am selling affordable vehicles thru them.
JUST DRIVE that NEW car! So are YOU still interested?
Well PLEASE sms:E10512 to 35393(cost R 3 p/sms only once) and follow the instructions that will follow . PLEASE NOTE that it takes up to 72hrs for a consultant to contact you,or an sms will be sent to you for your details . Consultant will ask for your : FULL names, ID number and a gross monthly income(minimum salary R 6500 ) Please provide this info as the company needs to check your credit affordability before the company continue with the application.
HOWEVER let me put everything in a nutshell for YOU: IT ALL WORKS the same way as if you were going to buy a vehicle from a car dealership.
JUST THE CHEAPEST WAY TO BUY A NEW CAR. YOU ALWAYS pay the BANK first.The company does NOT give you the finance for the vehicle.The company will pay you for driving YOUR NEW car with advertisements on your vehicle. Just follow the simple process and you WON'T be sorry!There are 2 options available to you and one of them is the low installment option(probably the one that caught your attention).

That option involves driving a lot of km's (1500-3500 km's a month) and 5 photos needs to be posted on the website where you need to log on every month( first week of every month – 1st to 7th ), but if you are NOT a sales rep THIS is NOT the option for YOU. The second option is much MORE attractive and here you only need to drive 500 km's a month(post only 2 photos and the company pays you R 570 guaranteed),but if your friend wants to buy a car and sms's YOUR unique number the one you find on the back of the vehicle YOU get R 3000 and NOT R 570 for that month based on how many km's and taking the photos correctly.
WHAT happens if you sold 2…3...4...10.... 20 .... vehicles WOW that's easy money!
YOU can go to OCEAN BASKET or pay of your car off sooner!UP to YOU!If YOU don’t get a response within 72 hrs after the sms please sms me your cell number and full names so that i can get a consultant to contact you.
The whole process takes 4-6 weeks due to the volume of people interested in this FANTASTIC deal so please give them time the consultants are only human and can only handle so many calls in a day.
For more information on this AFFORDABLE deal PLEASE contact me on my cell numbers:
or just pop me an email on:
Vladimir Dyulgerov

Drive a NEW car


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