Why high pressure cleaners are a good buy

High pressure cleaners are economical as well as environmentally friendly, offering better cleaning results than unpressurised equipment. With so many advantages to owning a pressure washer, it is easy to see why they form part of the required cleaning equipment in many industries. Whether you are looking for equipment for your small business or for your home, you can find a high pressure cleaner for sale on Junk Mail.

high pressure cleaner for sale

What a High Pressure Washer does

High pressure cleaning uses water and detergent under pressure to clean different surfaces. It can be used to remove stubborn dirt from walls, concrete and patios. High pressure cleaning involves directing a consistent spray of high pressured water at the surface that you want to clean.

The pump enables the operator to adjust the pressure according to the task with low settings being suitable for surface dirt while high pressure settings are great for deep cleaning.

Hot or Cold?

High pressure cleaners and washers come in hot or cold water variations. Cold water models are suitable for removing dirt from walls and patios while hot water models are perfect for more challenging cleaning jobs where deep cleaning is required.

It is important to note that there are specific detergents which are suitable for high pressure cleaning as well as to different applications. Take a more in-depth look at hot water and cold water cleaning equipment as well as the models which are for sale in South Africa.

Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner

There are many advantages to using a high pressure washer. These types of equipment are useful when removing tough dirt as well as oils and grease. It also makes removing proteins easy.

A high pressure cleaner that uses hot water decreases the working pressure as well as the cleaning time. It also uses less detergent than cold water cleaners or unpressurised machines. Less cleaning detergent translates into reduced running costs as well as being better for the environment.

Hot water high pressure cleaners increase the efficiency of the cleaning process and improves the outcome of the cleaning process. Using hot water results in reduced drying times and this type of cleaning equipment is more hygienic as the heat kills germs.

While finding a hot water high pressure cleaner for sale requires an initial outlay of funds it is cost effective in the long run as it reduces detergent costs and increases cleaning efficiency. The steam stage of high pressure cleaning is ideal for getting rid of paint and bitumen coatings. It also removes soot and algae. Take a look at the brands and models available on the South African market.

Karcher Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaners

Karcher high pressure cleaners for sale can be found in a range of models and classes. The wide selection of machines means that you can find the right machine to match your unique requirements.

The HDS-U upright class models are durable and offer users mobility to be used at different locations. These machines are convenient to transport. They are suitable for the construction and retail industries. They are also useful for contract cleaners.

Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner

Cold water high pressure washers are suited to cleaning large surfaces and can be used to remove stubborn dirt from vehicles and machines on a regular basis. They are also suitable for cleaning buildings.

A cold water pressure washer used in the construction and agricultural industries need to have maximum power. For these applications cleaning equipment in the super class is best.

Super class models are also well suited to industry and municipal applications. Middle class cleaners can be used to remove dirt from machines and vehicles. They can also be used to clean company premises.

For applications where there is no source of power, a combustion engine offers a solution to independent cleaning requirements. Take a look at the brands and models available on the South African market.

Karcher Cold Water High Pressure Washer

Karcher offers a variety of cold pressure washers in different classes. The HD 10/21-4S model features a pressure switch control and trigger gun. The trigger gun has a comfortable grip surface and it is convenient to operate. This model also has a detergent tank as well as different storage compartments for various nozzles.

Now that you know more about high pressure cleaners, why not browse through the awesome deals on Junk Mail. Find a stunning high pressure cleaner for sale or sign up for Alerts to get notified of great deals as they are listed. Selling your cleaning equipment? Place your FREE AD now!

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