Urgent Junk Mail Scam Warning!

PhishingWe’ve just received word of another scam doing its rounds on Junk Mail. The scammer is replying on users’ adverts and claiming to be an employee of Junk Mail that users need to pay money into an account for their adverts. The e-mail response (which claims to be sent from “accounts@junkmail.co.za” reads as follows:

Thanks for your recently trade advert in junkmail publishing group (PTY) online site. Your advert reference number in our databank is: 152451 pending. We are sorry we cannot publish your advert in junkmail classified next in print paper/magazines front page sold nationwide in all retail shops due to our new advert policy. All our online advert customers who want their adverts to be publish in print every Thursday in front page of junkmail classified paper/magazine and to be forwarded to the requested online and in print buyers national should pay R250 for two weeks or R500 for a month guaranteed publishing service fee. Make payment to Our Banking Details below. You can also deposit money using internet banking or directly in to a bank, use your recent advert reference number (152451) as your deposit reference number in the bank or internet banking to allow your advert request to activate immediately to our next Thursday publishing in print in our junkmail classified/magazine and to be forwarded to buyers. Then send a proof of payment or a deposit to accounts Fax: 011 339 1495 or Phone for more enquiries 076 08 79 619 NedBank Account Name:Keith Ho Branch Code:128842 Account Number:1288105118 FNB Bank Account Name:Keith Ho Account Number:62104745859 Branch Code:250112 ABSA Bank Account Name:Keith Ho Account Number:9163010074 Branch Code:632005 Standard Bank Account Name:Keith Ho Account Number:026165848 Branch Code:013042 Capitec Account Name: Keith Ho Account Number:1238259020 Branch Number:470010 Thanks for your advert Junkmail publishing group PTY accounts team

This is a Scam. This person is NOT an employee of our company. Ignore this response and do NOT pay any money into this person’s account.  These persons are phishing to defraud you of your hard-earned money, don’t respond to them. If you encounter this scam, please feel free to forward the e-mail to our Customer Care Department. You can also contact them telephonically on 012-3423840 x2295 to report this.

Take note that Junk Mail will NEVER send user official messages, quotes or announcements about competitions via a reply on a Junk Mail advert. 

However, take note that Junk Mail does send out official newsletters and we do post urgent updates on our Facebook and Twitter profiles regarding advertising on Junk Mail. We will also keep you in the loop if there are any policy changes.

Spread the word about this scam. Share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is Caring.  Also feel free to check out the other scam warnings on the Junk Mail Safety Security page on our Help Site. We post scam warnings regularly, so make sure that you subscribe to the Junk Mail Blog.

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Henno Kruger

Henno Kruger

Social Media Contributor and Blogger at Junk Mail Publishing.
Henno Kruger

Henno Kruger

Social Media Contributor and Blogger at Junk Mail Publishing.

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9 Responses

  1. yaseen says:

    How do scammers have accounts and don’t get caught for years on end,there are so many scams,the justice system has failed us people of all races.

    • Henno Kruger Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Yaseen – Thanks for your comment. Scammers are very sneaky, they are constantly changing contact details, which makes them very hard to track.

  2. Corrie says:

    Skelms het die land vergiftig!

  3. Attie Pieterse says:

    Die person Marius Pienaar id nommer 7809185499080 het R5000 dep by my gevat vir Nissan Qashqai parte hy vat die dep.en raak dan weg.Sy tel.no 0761093389.Sy vrou Lidia Pinaar het by Job Mail Pretoria gewerk Kan iemand my help met n huis adres.

  4. Inspector says:

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Price Hindley price.hindley@hotmail.co.za

    Sent: Friday, June 14, 2013 2:55 PM
    Subject: Mercedes Benz ML Class ML63

    Good day,

    Thanks for your interest in my car. The car is still available and in
    excellent condition. I’m from France. I lived and worked in South
    Africa for one year as Medical assistant for the Red Cross
    International but presently; I’m in republic of Togo for a new

    I bought the car in Johannesburg ; South Africa, the car is still
    registered in South Africa. The given price R92,000 is a Giveaway
    price because since i brought the car here i can’t use it due to the
    fact that the constitution here does not allow the Right Hand Drive

    I’m not sure of coming back to South Africa and the car will be
    useless if i couldn’t get somebody who can ship the car back to South
    Africa and take good care of it.I want donate this car to anyone who
    is ready and interested to cover the transportation cost to bring the
    car back in South Africa.

    If you are interested, I can find a transport company here to
    transport the car back to South Africa for you. The transport cost
    will be deducted from the R92,000(price on the ad).

    The Details of the car are as below:

    Mercedes Benz ML Class ML63 4matic Huge Spec,
    Make:Mercedes Benz Model :ML Class Engine 6208cc
    Gearbox :Automatic Fuel Type :Petrol Kilometer :33,204
    Year :2010 Colour:Black Doors 5 Body Style :
    Estate ML Class ML63 Amg 4matic Huge Spec,
    Extremely RARE Car, 1 Owner for sale for the price of R92,000.
    This model is a Estate finished in Black, the engine is a 6208 cc and runs on Petrol
    fuel with a Automatic gearbox. Registered in 2010,
    All functions of the vehicle still in good working condition
    without any fault or repairs at hand
    The car is in good condition

    I await your response.



    Mercedes Benz ML Class ML63 4matic Huge Spec,
    Make:Mercedes Benz
    Model :ML Class Engine 6208cc
    Gearbox :Automatic
    Fuel Type :Petrol
    Kilometer :33,204
    Year :2010
    Colour:Black – See more at: http://www.junkmail.co.za/motoring/mercedes-benz/gauteng/johannesburg/central/mercedes-benz-ml-class-ml63-26443637#sthash.kAtnP8qX.dpuf

  5. mr singh says:

    I am now convinced that I have been scammed by the same character that has scammed with the advert for this black mercedes.
    He advertised for a mercedes ML 270cdi for R38000 and gave the same story about him working for the red cross and moved to togo cause he is a medical assistant for the red cross h, he clains a transport company in Benin can transport can charge me R20 000 and half was to paid but then transport people promised an invoice and never sent me one they claimed a further R20 000 for transport insurance,certificate of the vehicle and international police clearance certificate which we had to pay upfront to western union and pay it to the accountants name from BFTC transport in Cotonou in Benin.three later I am getting nothing but grief and stories and now I have suffered a loss of nearly R42000,I need to know how I can catch these cons they have sent me passports which I guess are fake but I have spoken to them over the phone at their landlines in TOGO and BENIN maybe they can be traced. Any help would be appreciated I even reported this via email to the south african embassy in Benin and the fraud department their names that these cons use are David Karsten the so called medical assistant selling the car,David Kayza the transport management,the accountant for the transport company is Adognon codjovi Emmanuel and transport agent that so called escourts the vehicle to S.A is mr brown who is a rude individual.

    • Henno Kruger Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for sharing this info Mr Singh

    • Joy says:

      I am speechless, I have suffered the same thing with Mr David Kayza the accountant at ELT transport Services in Cotonou, Benin. A VW Golf 5 being sold by Miss Elsa Pieterson and Mr Brown who is in South Africa holding the vehicles. Hah am speechless that these people are here to eat us alive of our hard earn money

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