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Adopt a pet and make a forever-friend

Thinking of adding a fury member to your family? Then it is time to consider adoption. When you adopt a pet rather than buying, you are not only helping some beautiful animals in need...

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Wet Nose Animal Rescue – Homeless Animal Day

The Wet Nose Animal Rescue is an animal shelter that rescues and re-homes abandoned, abused and neglected animals. Their organisation aims the “Right to Life”, which basically means that no animal is put to...


Lend Cat Village a Helping Hand

Cat Village is a pro-life, non-profit, volunteer based animal rescue organization based near Benoni on the East Rand. The organization is the brainchild of Irma Teller (a lady who has devoted herself entirely to the rescue...


African Tails: Saving Our Street Dogs

A while back I did a post on The Wet Nose Homeless Animal Day; the post reached a few people and the day also turned out a huge success! I like to think that...

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