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The hottest hot rods on Junk Mail

Hot rods are fast, fun and expertly modified. Whether you are looking for hot rods for sale, or just admiring their beauty, there is no denying that these modified gems are absolutely gorgeous. A...

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How to build a go kart

If you have always wondered how to build a go kart, we have just the tutorial for you. A man-project, this do it yourself is a great undertaking for father and son. Note that,...

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5 Most sought-after classic muscle cars

When muscle cars were first manufactured, they created a stir among motorists. Powerful, big and noisy, they made a bold impression on the roads. Renowned muscle car manufacturers include Chevy and Chrysler. Ford is...

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The Toyota Tazz vs. The Toyota Tazz Sport

Trustworthy and affordable, the Toyota Tazz has proved to be a popular vehicle in South Africa. Catering to the transportation needs of South Africans, the Tazz offers excellent value for money. For motorists who...

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Why motorists still love the Uno

After all these years Uno’s are still a great buy. Students and entry-level car owners love the Uno for its low price tag. When it comes to finding a Uno for sale in Cape...

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