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WhatsApp now available on your Desktop

The world’s most popular messaging service is now available on non-mobile platforms. This great news was announced on the official WhatsApp Blog on Wednesday (22 January 2015). “Today, for the first time, millions of...


Castle Lager introduces the BraaiPhone

Showing just how proudly South African they can be on Heritage Day (better known as National Braai Day) Castle Lager announced the launch of its BraaiNation app yesterday. The app transforms your Apple iPhone or...


Apple iPhone 5S and 5C announced

Two days ago, Apple unveiled 2 highly anticipated iPhones at a press conference at their headquarters in California in the United States. The tech giant confirmed many of the rumours that have been surfacing...


Introducing Google Chromecast

Ever wished that you could view video content on your mobile phone, Desktop PC, laptop or tablet PC on a bigger screen without going through the hassle of buying and sorting out cables that...


So what exactly is Google Glass?

The golden age of the smartphone and tablet PCs might be over soon. The future is here: Google Glass has arrived.  You may think that this wearable computer with an optic head-mounted display (or...

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