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Affordable Houses for Sale in Soweto

Vibrant, energetic and trendy Soweto is an exciting place to live. The area is packed with fascinating heritage sites. Restaurants and shebeens add to the allure of the suburbs in this area. Soweto has...

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Rent a Luxurious Apartment in the City of Gold

Johannesburg, the City of Gold, is an exciting place to live. The city’s thriving economy is reflected by the luxurious flats to rent in Johannesburg. Located in some of the flashiest neighbourhoods are opulent...

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Cruise the city on a motorbike

Jozi pulsates with the energy of thousands of people and the best way to immerse yourself in the city is to explore it by motorbike. Cruise through the streets past shebeens, pavement cafes and...


Fifth annual Photo & Film Expo coming soon!

Do you enjoy taking photos in your free time? Perhaps you are even considering of taking photography up as a full time profession? Well, then the fifth annual Photo & Film Expo is an event...

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