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8 Responses

  1. Cornelius says:

    i need to edit my ads: R2 cois to add Rare in front on HEADING, to make heading of multipurpose trailer TRAILER FOR SALE

    • Hi Cornelius,

      I’ve made the changes on your behalf. If you want more changes made, you can either use the edit ad link on the activation e-mail or create a user account with your e-mail address and edit them from inside the user account.

      Thanks for using Junk Mail!

  2. cobus says:


    I am trying to get my adds to repeat but it just don’t want to?

    Can you please assist?

    Thank you

  3. Lazarous joe says:

    I can’t see my ads I HV bin posting

  4. Malza says:

    hi, i was testing how junkmail work, so i just created an ad with sample information, so i want to remove that ad now, what is the process?

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