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What are Home Page Gallery Ads?

Location Location location. This saying is true online as well, that is why we created an ad that is on the best location on our entire site, on the home page. These are image only ads.

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If you are looking for ultimate exposure and the fastest way to sell, Home Page Ads are for you. Everybody visits the home page and that is where your ad will be.

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For how Long?

Your Homepage ad will remain active for a minimum of 7 days while rotating with other Home Page Gallery Ads.


Contact our Call Centre by phoning 012 432 2976 or sending an email.

Our friendly Call Centre staff will assist you in promoting your ads. Start selling in a matter of minutes after making your payment.

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34 Responses

  1. Building and maintenance

  2. edson says:

    a diseal / petro mechanil looking for a job

  3. Mthembu says:

    It’s difficult to me to create an ad, can u plz help me

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