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Apple TV and what it’s all about

You probably have the question, what is Apple TV? An Apple TV is an amazing invention. This innovative box can convert your TV into a smart TV capable of carrying out a lot of...

samsung galaxy s8 7

Unbox the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

The transformative design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is apparent from the moment that you set eyes on this innovative phone. Both the interior and exterior of this device push the limits of the...

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A touch of genius with the MacBook Pro

The laptop industry has been dominated by Apple since the introduction of the very capable Macbook Pro for sale. While the higher than normal MacBook price has always kept many people from buying MacBooks,...

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What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

While Bitcoin is an obscure term for many, it is gaining more attention every month. We at Junk Mail have seen an increase in the number of Bitcoin related ads as well as searches....

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The Smart TV living room revolution

As technology evolves and more and more online streaming services emerge, Smart Televisions are stepping into the spotlight. From what a Smart TV is to some of the brands available in South Africa, Junk...

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