Author: Saskia Meintjes

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Are you in need of Bridging Finance?

You have a big amount of money coming your way, but there is a delay or a waiting period. Whether it is your retirement money, a provident fund payout or you’re getting a package...

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Download the Job Mail Android App Now!

Job Mail recently launched its Android App, free to download on the Google Play Store. Click here to download this awesome app now! With this brand new, easy to use App, Job Mail hopes...

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Junk Mail Pets Policy

GENERAL NO animals free to good home / give away / to swop adverts allowed. Animals advertised must have a minimum price of R100 per animal NO pregnant animals for sale. NO animals to...


Handmade is fashionable again!

There was a time when people women mostly stayed home, raised children, made their own jams and clothes. It was a peaceful time where store-bought was a luxury. Handmade items were everywhere! Nowadays, we...

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About us

Junk Mail Publishing is South Africa’s leading publisher in the Classified advertising industry, publishing various products through different Media such as print, World Wide Web, Mobile Web, SMS, and Phone. History of the company...

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