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What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

While Bitcoin is an obscure term for many, it is gaining more attention every month. We at Junk Mail have seen an increase in the number of Bitcoin related ads as well as searches....

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Adopt a pet and make a forever-friend

Thinking of adding a fury member to your family? Then it is time to consider adoption. When you adopt a pet rather than buying, you are not only helping some beautiful animals in need...

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The Smart TV living room revolution

As technology evolves and more and more online streaming services emerge, Smart Televisions are stepping into the spotlight. From what a Smart TV is to some of the brands available in South Africa, Junk...

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20 Restaurants in Pretoria worth a visit in 2017

When it comes to restaurants, ‘snor city’ boasts some of the best establishments in South Africa. Whatever your preferences or however sophisticated your palate, the restaurants in Pretoria will not disappoint. Whether you’re looking...

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Justin Bieber Purpose Tour in SA

Calling all Justin Bieber fans! Don’t miss out on the upcoming Justin Bieber South Africa tour. The award winning singer and songwriter will be bringing his tour to Cape Town and Johannesburg in May...

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