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A touch of genius with the MacBook Pro

The laptop industry has been dominated by Apple since the introduction of the very capable Macbook Pro for sale. While the higher than normal MacBook price has always kept many people from buying MacBooks,...

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Don’t miss the 2017 Africa Bike Week

All that a motorcycle enthusiast needs to know about the upcoming 2017 edition of the Africa Bike Week. Where to register, what Harley Davidson bikes will be there, who to look forward to on...

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The perfect fridge freezer for your home

If you are looking for versatile and functional home appliances, deciding on a fridge freezer might be your next logical step. Finding those perfect fridge freezers for sale can become quite the endeavour so,...

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Build your own world with Lego

No matter your age, Legos are fun. With great Lego sets and blocks to choose from, each one cooler and more complex than the first, you and the kids are sure to have hours...

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